Not sure what I want to write about this morning.  I do want to say I am really pleased by the overwhelming show of support and love for our journey with Elle through my writings.  I have had feelings of validation from all the facebook comments and private messages and excited to hear too, that my readers believe i have a gift of writing… that’s cool.  The down side to starting this blog is that instead of going to GD Phyzique in the mornings, I am using my time to write.  But my soul sister Marci told me that I was still exercising, exercising my brain and that that counts too.  So great to have friends that understand us, isn’t it!  A life without close friends would be unimaginable, we need each other.  I need you guys.

If you have time and if you feel like sharing, I would love to know your story too;  and if by me sharing mine, it has made an impact on your perspective of your own life challenges.  Coffee date, wine date, or facebook post… what ever.  I know I am not alone in facing and overcoming unforeseen circumstances.  And what I am finding is that by shining a little day light on my challenges, the darkness is not as dark any more.

I think for the most part, men have a “go it alone” mentality.  But not us women.  It’s not that we can’t handle our challenges on our own, of course we can and we do every single day.  But women have an innate need to connect with others like them, to know that they are not alone in their secret battles, and to take time out to celebrate life.

As a nurse-midwife I am in a unique position to hear stories all day long told by women younger than Amelia, my oldest daughter, all the way through to women as old as my grandmother Bonnie.   Sometimes I am exhausted by it all and try not to totally check out but for the most part I spend my working hours being constantly reminded of the strength of the female spirit.

As life goes, we all face times where we must dig deep and  remember that we were meant to do hard things.  Often times in clinic, my patients arrive broken.   Fatherless babies, a secret alcohol addiction, ashamed of their bodies, and fear over contracting an infection because they just found out their husband of 9 years has been cheating with other women since they were married, a breast cancer diagnosis … all very trying circumstances …  Countless stories.  And in a strange way, these are some of my favorite patient interactions… not because I enjoy seeing other people in emotional pain… obviously.  But because it is an opportunity to guide a woman back to her center and to help her find her wings so that she can rise again.  Phoenix.   As the old saying goes, nothing more powerful than a woman on a mission.  I am on a mission in case you have not noticed… a mission to tell my story in the hopes of finding some peace and hopefully to help others to know they are not alone…



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