It is Friday aka Fri-Yah!  I want to send you into this summer weekend with a smile and a chuckle.  Tackled some heavy topics this week and feel the need to share a quick and funny story about my mom aka CeCe.

Anyone who has ever expected a baby can relate to the dilemma of what to name this soon-to-be child.  It is an important task, not one to be taken lightly.  You can really make or break a kid depending on what name you give him or her.  I am not a big country music fan, but love that song by Johnny Cash, A boy named Sue.  And the Hollywood types seem to take this task to a whole new level… you’ve got to wonder.

Amelia’s name came pretty naturally.  We were driving home from a visit to Spokane one summer day and we passed the time with thinking up of  names for her.  Amelia popped into my head and it never left my heart.  She was going to be Amelia.  No second guessing.  However Elisabeth was not named until we were on our way to the hospital for my labor induction.  We chose it because it was a beautiful and classic name, same genre as Amelia, and it almost met all of my mom’s “naming criteria”… not kidding.  The most important rule she stated to me is that if you have a 2 syllable last name like Northern then the first name must be either 1 or 3 or 4 syllables.  However my mom had a few other criteria that I did not know about until one day when I shared with her that we had been thinking about the name Gwyneth.  I had just tossed that name out there along with Sophia, Hillary and a few other classic names.  She was polite and just nodded her head…

A few days later I received a voice mail from her that I will never ever forget.  It went something like this… Shelley, I have been thinking about your choice of the name Gwyneth.  As you know, it does not follow the syllable rule, number one.  Annnndddd…. secondly, when I look in the mirror and say the name GWWWYNNETHHHHHH…. my face kind of contorts into this unappealing shape…. Plus I learned in my French class that all names that end in TH are usually of the peasant class in France.   Okkkayyyy, that’s all for now…. catch up with you later.

Stunned.  Just Stunned.  And hormonal.

I picked up the phone and called her.  She probably did not answer for a reason… she knew she had crossed the line, oh yes.  My reply went something like this… Mom, got your message… annnnnddd… I am sorry to hear you are not a fan of the name Gwyneth.  I happen to think it is a beautiful name.  And what kind of French class are you taking by the way ? No wonder you have not learned to speak the language after 3 years of weekly sessions.  So here’s the deal mom…..I hate to burst your bubble but we are not French !  We are American mutts.  Also,  just so you know, when I look in the mirror and say the words…MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…. my face makes a beeeeauuutiifulll smile.  Love ya Mom.  Click.

My CeCe is one in a million.  A true character.  Generous, caring, particular, thoughtful, and a lover of magical touches….and she is mine… and I am her one and only teeny tiny.  Love you Mom.


One thought on “Gwenythhhhh….. and CeCe

  1. Knowing your mom ( who is pretty cute!), I can visualize all of this!Gwenyth is a very structured name, sort of like Gertrude…English?

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