It was those dimples that first caught my eye.

A town by the bay south just shy of our Canadian border.

Coffee shops, book stores, the smell of the sea, it was a simpler time indeed.

His adventurous spirit led me to discover my own love of exploration.

The San Juan Islands, Vancouver BC, the glacier of Mt. Ruth, and the rivers that run into our Sea.

We found our own cabin and made our first home, he made me feel loved….

Studies took us apart for one long year, but we returned to each other, and returned to the island, where in front of our family and friends, we made one promise…

By then it was his heart that captured my soul.  His love, his kindness, his tenderness.

It was not too long before  2 made 3.  I watched as he learned.  And Life was good.

Elle joined 3 years later.  At first it was life as usual, until it wasn’t.  But he was always there, never left.  Always there.  Life was not simple anymore.

We struggled and struggled to find our new life.  Until one day, it was not so hard and we just kept on living.

It was during this time that his shoulders became the part of him I loved most.  Now I understood… God knew he would have much to carry in this world…

Those shoulders carried our daughter when she was not yet able, to the play ground, through the grocery store, on family adventures, up mountain sides and along the sea…

Those shoulder’s were one of God’s gifts to me…




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